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The Perfect Donor

The Perfect Donor is an exploration into the world of commercial egg donation. The emotional stories of young women who provide eggs, so that others can create the families of their dreams, reveal why women become egg donors, how they feel about the process, and how they think about the children born from their eggs. Interviews with medical doctors, egg donor agency founders and recruiters, psychologists, and geneticists take a look inside the egg donation industry, and shed light on a controversial and timely subject.


While some women are overjoyed at their role in helping others bring children into their lives, others discover that the thousands of dollars they receive for their eggs comes at a greater cost. For more information about the film and when it will be released, see: The Perfect Donor.

Bracing for Life: With GNE Myopathy

Bracing for Life  tells the story of what it's like to live with a rare, debilitating genetic disease, found primarily in the Persian Jewish population, but also some communities in India, Japan and Ireland. The film follows Tara, a woman who suffers with HIBM--a whole body myopathy--as she struggles to overcome life's daily challenges. Interviews with experts in this disease, and in gene editing, explain what the disease is and weigh in on new possibilities for a cure.

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