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Curriculum Vitae


August 2021-present

Associate Professor, The University of Alabama, Department of Anthropology and Institute for Social Science Research.

January 2014-present       

Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco, Institute for Health and Aging. Conducting  research on "Decisions and Experiences of Egg Providers."

2016-2017, Women's Policy Institute Fellow. Women's Foundation of California.

January 2013-January 2014

Associate Executive Director, Center for Genetics and Society. Research and advocacy surrounding ethical uses of human biotechnologies.

June 2011-present           

Lecturer. California State University, East Bay. Teaching courses in Medical Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, and Anthropological Theory.


January 2011-July 2012   

Scholar in Residence University of California, Berkeley, Beatrice Bain Research Group on Gender.


June 2010-December 2010

Associate Director, Research, Pars Equality Center. Focus: Promoting Human Rights and Civil Liberties for Iranians in the United States.


February 2007-December 2010

Executive Director, Unique Zan Foundation.  Focus: Promoting Health and Literacy for Women in and from the Middle East.

October 2001-Dec 04       

Assistant Faculty Researcher. University of California, San Francisco, Institute for Health and Aging, and Lecturer, UCSF Medical School Core Curriculum, Department of Anthropology, History and Social Medicine.


July 2002-Dec ’02          

Visiting Scholar. Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Department of

Community Health. Isfahan, Iran. Conducted Extensive research on Afghan refugees and low income Iranians in Isfahan, as well as on Iran’s public health care system.


August 1989-2000

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley/UCSF joint program in Medical Anthropology.


June 1989                     

M.A. University of Hawaii, Manoa. 


June 1986                     

B.A. University of California, Santa Barbara.  

Selected Publications



Romancing the Sperm: Shifting Biopolitics and the Making of Modern Families. Rutgers University Press, November 2018.


Tell Them We’re Not Terrorists: Life in Iran with My Two Sons. Unpublished book manuscript.


Edited Volumes

April 2007        

Afghan Refugees and Returnees: Culture and Survival in the Face of War, Violence and Dislocation.  Special edition for the journal Iranian Studies 40 (2): 2007.  Guest Editor: Diane Tober.  Taylor and Francis Press, April 2007.

March 2007      

Islam, Health and the Body:  Science and Religion in the Muslim World.  Special edition for Body and Society, Diane Tober and Debra Budiani, guest editors. Sage Press, March 2007.


April 2007        

“My Body is Broken Like My Country”: Identity, Nation, and Repatriation among Afghan Refugees in Iran. In Iranian Studies, 40(2) 2007.  Guest Editor: Diane Tober.



Article IN Encyclopedia of Women in Islamic Cultures, Iran. V.4(p.471). Brill Press.



“Fewer Children, Better Life,” or “As Many as God Wants?”:  Perceptions and Practices of Family Planning among Low-income Iranians and Afghan Refugees in Iran.”IN Medical Anthropology Quarterly,  C. Sargent and M. Inhorn, guest editors.



“Children in the Field and the Methodological Challenges of Research in Iran.”  IN Iranian Studies, Mary Hegland, and Erika Loeffler-Friedl, editors.   37:4:643-658.



“Semen as Gift, Semen as Goods: Reproductive Workers and the Market in Altruism.” In Commodifying Bodies, Nancy Scheper-Hughes and Loic Wacquant, eds.


September 2001 

“Semen as Gift, Semen as Goods: Reproductive Workers and the Market in Altruism.” In Body & Society. Sage Publishers.

In the News

KQED Forum

The Pros and Cons of Donating and Freezing Eggs, with Tonya Mosley. May 4, 2018.

Die Welt

Die Schmerzhafte Realität des "Social Freezing."  An interview with Elisalex Henckel. November 17, 2014

KQED Forum, with Judy Campbell

Motherhood Deferred: Freezing Your Eggs, by Judy Campbell. May 2013


Mutiny Radio    

Women’s Magazine with Val Ibarra. Human Eggs for Research Despite RISKS to Women's Health. June 28, 2013.



Women’s Magazine. Harvesting Human Eggs & International Surrogacy: Risks to Health & Human Rights. August 5, 2013.



Should Women Make a Profit on Donating their Eggs for Research? By Larry Mantle.



California Bill Posed to Lift Restrictions on Egg Donation. By Charlotte Schubert. June 18, 2013


The Atlantic      

There’s More to Life Than Freezing Your Eggs, by Jacoba Urist. May 14, 2013. 


British Television Channel 4

“Science or Ethics?: Special Report on Science and Technology in the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Television Interview. March 2006


The Washington Prism 

“An American Woman in Isfahan: A Chat with Dr. Diane Tober.” Washington Prism Staff, Afshin Molavi June 2006


The Oakland Tribune

“Local Readers United with Afghanistan.” Staff writer: Rebekah Gordon. October 12, 2006


Op-Eds, Blogs, and Articles


Sacramento Bee Op-Ed

Viewpoints: Risks are Many in Paying Women to Donate Eggs. Diane Tober and Nancy

Scheper-Hughes, July 16th, 2013.


RH Reality Check          

Eggs for Cash: Pitting Choice Against Risk, Diane Tober and Francine Coeytaux. September 4, 2013.

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