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To date, aside from the generous contributions from our Indiegogo campaign, this film has been almost entirely self-funded. We have dedicated our time, resources, and equipment to this project because we believe it is important for women to have access to information that could affect their health and well-being.

Because we know you also may need a (tax) break, we are affiliated with FiReFilms. To make your tax deductible donation of $250 or more, please contact us directly to make a donation through our non-profit affiliation. Your contribution will not only help us finish this film. You will be personally contributing to our mission to raise awareness about the impact of egg donation on women's lives, to help improve the process for everyone.  Join us! For tax-deductible donation, click here:

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The OVADO Project

Support Research. Help Women!

For women considering donating eggs, there is very little research available to help inform their decisions about the short and long-term impact on their health and well-being. The film, The Perfect Donor, will help bridge that gap in knowledge.


In addition, egg donors have been asking for more research. Many women considering egg donation scour whatever available research articles they can find to help them determine if egg donation is a) safe and b) the right decision for them. Unfortunately, the available scientific information about the impact of injectable hormones and egg retrieval procedures on women's health focuses mostly on women seeking treatment for their own infertility--who are older and not a good comparison--or rely on insufficient and unreliable data that depends on clinics to self-report donor complications.


In order to help overcome the lack of available information, medical anthropologist and documentary filmmaker, Diane Tober, PhD, launched The OVADO Project. Partially funded by the National Science Foundation, she is conducting qualitative and quantitative research on egg donors' decisions and experiences at University of California, San Francisco. To date, she has interviewed over 90 egg donors from around the world, and collected another 370 surveys.

We are trying to build the first research program to explore not only egg donors' immediate experiences, but also to track donor health and satisfaction over time. Our goal is to provide current, former, and prospective egg donors with more reliable information, and to use research findings to inform better policy and medical practices in the interest of donor health.


For more information about this important research, or to find out how to support this work, please visit our Egg Donor Research Project website, and contact the principal investigator at


Also, if you are a current, former, or prospective egg donor and you are interested in participating in our study, we'd love to hear from you!


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